Raw Milk

How to Receive Raw Milk

Raw Milk Herdshare

What is a Herdshare?

A Herdshare is basically a private cooperative offered through this farm in which a person can buy a seasonal share in the Dairy Herd and receive Raw Milk on a weekly basis.

If you would like to buy a herdshare and receive milk on a weekly basis then please call or text Andrew at (402)-741-1651 or send an email.

How does it Work?

You buy a share, which is $40 for the entire season. This gives you a seasonal lease on a portion of the Dairy Herd, and gives you the legal right to consume the milk that is produced.

Each share is entitled to receive up to 2 gallons of milk per week.  Once a Month you pay a fee in proportion to the amount of milk you receive. This fee pays for the labor, care, time, equipment etc. of your share of the cow.

The Herdshare is formalized by signing a Herdshare agreement between the person receiving milk and the Farmer.

What does this service cost on a monthly basis?

1/2 gallon per week- $20/month

1 gallon per week- $40/month

1 1/2 gallons per week- $ 60/month

2 gallons per week- $ 80/month

Where do I receive my Milk?

We currently have one Milk Pick-Up Day, in Albion on Wednesday evenings at 5:30pm.

If that does not work for you you can make arrangements to pick up your milk on the Farm.

Is it Possible to have a second Milk Pick Up in a different Town?
Right now, it is not possible for the Farm to set up and organize a
completely different pick up point...but If you are in a neighboring
community and know a few folks who would like to receive Raw Milk, you
are welcome to organize your own pick up location and pick up time~ I'll
have the Milk bottled and ready for your Milk Pick Up, its up to you to
pick it up and transport it for the herdshare members of your
community. Compensation for time and travel is between you and the
Herdshare members of your area.

What if I miss Raw Milk Pick-up Day, or I am gone?

If you contact the farm ahead of time, we will work with you to find a way for you to receive your milk. If you forget to pick it up, or are running late without notifying us, we will not wait for you.

If you are not able to pick up your milk then please send a friend or family member to pick it up on your behalf.

Do I still have to pay the full monthly fee if I do not receive my milk every week?

Yes. It takes a lot of time, commitment, and work from the farmer to provide this service and its very important that the herdshare members share in that commitment in order for this work to continue.  Think of it like a subscription for Satellite Television, whether you are watching the TV or not you're still paying for it.

How is the Milk Packaged?

The Milk is bottled in washed and sanitized 1/2gallon glass jars. It is your responsibility to return your empty jars each week, fully washed. Failure to return your jars will result in a bill to pay for a replacement. 


Picking Up Milk on Holidays~

Sometimes Milk Pick Up lands on a Holiday~ before that week the Farm will contact you to make arrangements for a better time to receive your milk.

How Long will I receive Milk?

Typically a cow will be Milked for 10 months, and so the full Milking season on this Farm is usually 10 months, beginning in Spring and ending at some point in Winter. A lot depends on when the cows are expected to have their next calf. You will be notified of the expected end date, and the planned start date of the following season.